Our payment delivery partner transfers money internationally using two different delivery methods: Standard and SWIFT.

  1. Standard delivery transfers, which are no additional cost to you, are normally received by the recipient in up to five working days, making them ideal for low-value transactions where time is on your side. Please note, for some banking providers when using this form of delivery your transfer description may show generic reference on your recipients account (i.e. not the description you may have entered). If you require a specific reference on your transfer, please consider using SWIFT (as per below). 
  2. SWIFT delivery transfers let you send money fast through the SWIFT network, and typically arrive within 1-2 working days. All orders sent using SWIFT incur an additional £8.95 cost, which will be included in your quote. There are 13 countries for which SWIFT is the only supported delivery method: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey and Thailand. If you choose a SWIFT method of delivery, your transfer description (as you provide it) will be referenced on your recipients account. 

For both Standard and SWIFT delivery, we have no control over any charges that may be deducted any by the recipient’s bank.

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