When you set up your order, we calculate your indicative exchange rate based on the live foreign exchange market, together with a small margin that we add on top. This indicative exchange rate may fluctuate as you make your order. Once you reach the summary page, we will present you with a guaranteed rate, which will be available to you for ten minutes from the time you reach the summary page. If you are inactive for ten minutes or more on the summary page, the rate will be refreshed and a new rate will be presented to you before you continue with your order. Provided that you accept the new exchange rate and continue with your order, the new exchange rate will be guaranteed for a further ten minutes. 

The exact fee depends on the amount you wish to send. For orders up to and including £300 GBP, the fee is fixed at £3. For orders over £300, the fee is computed as a percentage of the amount you are sending, and will be clearly displayed to you within Travelex Wire.

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